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The original Riley Motor Club in England was formed in 1924, and before long became the largest single marque car club in the world, and enjoyed close relations with the Riley Motor Company, which at the time was still a family owned concern.

Clubs began to form throughout the world in South Africa, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand to name a few. In Australia not much happened until after World War Two, and then the Eastern States saw a number of strong clubs form in each state except Tasmania, which combined with Victoria.

Western Australia was slow in forming a club, a couple of early attempts not getting off the ground. Then in 1966 another attempt proved successful, although the fledgling club was sore pressed for numbers for a few years. W.A. did not have many pre-war cars, and by 1966 many of the post war cars had begun to show their age – at that time old cars held no interest to many motorists.

However the club gradually gained strength as interest in fine machines grew throughout the world, and as the increase in clubs dedicated to older classics saw many being rebuilt to reflect their former glory. One of the results of this upsurge of interest was the introduction of annual old car shows, together with a Concourse d'Elegence, and the Riley Motor Club of W.A. was at the forefront of this move.

As the years rolled on more interest began in Pre-war Rileys, and a couple began to take part in events put on by the club. This interest has continued to grow, and a number of cars have been brought in from overseas and from the Eastern States, so that W.A. can now boast about having more pre-war cars than ever graced our roads before 1939.

From a humble beginning, starting with a just handful of members, the membership  is now  well over sixty, and that does not include the many spouse memberships. The ladies are encouraged to take an active part in all club affairs, which is reflected in the happy social atmosphere at monthly meetings and runs. So what does the Riley Motor Club of W.A. offer members or would be members? There are regular meetings, usually held in various members homes . There are regular social events, some simple half day picnics, sometimes in conjunction with other clubs, or Combined Car Club events. There are also regular two day events, with overnight stops at country resorts. And of course there is the National Rally, held annually in rotation by each of the state clubs, and held at Easter.

In addition the club has a comprehensive spares scheme, with both new and used parts available to members. The success of this scheme is reflected in the increasing number of cars that are being improved and restored each year, and the small number of owners having mechanical trouble on the runs.

The Concessional License is available to club members at a very cheap rate, and is valid for travel in any state in Australia to attend rallies.

A fine monthly newsletter keeps members abreast of current happenings and is also sent to other Riley Clubs in Australia and around the world on a reciprocal basis. Technical information is also widely available.

The Riley Motor Club of Western Australia (Inc) meets at members homes on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:00pm. Further details of the club can be obtained from:

Club Address:  P.O. Box 328 Kalmunda WA 6926.

Contact:  Peter Withers , Secretary. 0418 920 301.